for maria misselbrook, who is by nature energetic and hedonistic, every subject is there to be discovered, invented and reinvented, sought out and created in a constant, insatiable creative vision of beauty. this is her true nature: she thinks outside the box, never allowing herself to be confined by the current trends, but granting herself the absolute freedom to choose her formats, compositions and techniques.

in some of her works, there is an impenetrable black, reminiscent of monochrome. moving closer, shapes and elements emerge as if from nowhere. as you stand before the painting, geometries take shape and hidden luminosity appears. this black moon atmosphere is at the same time mysterious, disturbed and reassuring, as the entire scene is set up in a highly aesthetic manner.

it’s a balance between constructional rigour and emotion, like her german and italian origins; she blends reason and passion with panache. an existential dolce vita and an appetite for exacting standards guide her painting as well as her life, which she celebrates intensely. her painting is a game in perpetual evolution, combined with the constant search for aestheticism, driven by a vital impulsion without a trace of “artist’s block”. everything emerges spontaneously – pigments and inks, sands and patinas – from the black, ochre and brown earth and the beautiful light of her global travels.